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Occupational health services for business clients

  • Workplace visit of occupational doctor and consultation.
  • Health check-up and medical testing of employees:
    • medical examination
    • laboratory analyses (for cholesterol level tests, do not eat or drink anything except water for 12 hours; for blood sugar level tests, do not eat or drink anything except water for 2 hours minimum);
    • radiology tests;
    • cardiovascular system tests (electrocardiogram, stress test);
    • respiratory function test (spirography);
    • hearing test (pure tone audiometry);
    • vision and colour perception test; if you wear eyeglasses, bring them along (if necessary, vision correction aids – eyeglasses or lenses – are prescribed by the ophthalmologist);
  • Referring to other medical specialists, if necessary.
  • Referring to (rehabilitation) therapy, if necessary.
  • Issuing and renewing health certificates.
  • Health checks for applicants for a seafarer’s contract of employment, crew members and those entering maritime training institutions.

Also, we offer direct-pay health check-ups for private persons. Such check-ups include all essential tests and start with a thorough discussion to gather data for anamnesis, and a medical examination. To this end we use modern diagnostic equipment available at the University of Tartu Hospital.


For rehabilitation physician visit
731 9100

For sports medicine physician visit
731 9221

For sports traumatologist visit
731 9221
731 9100

For occupational health physician visit

731 9110

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