The Speech and Swallowing Disorders Centre provides help for patients of all ages suffering primarily from speech, voice and swallowing disorders.
Establishment of the centre was prompted by the need for consistent rehabilitation for speech and swallowing disorders. The centre provides client-centred, comprehensive and quality speech therapy for patients of all ages and from all over Estonia.

Rehabilitation is, first of all, a team effort. Taking that into account, besides a speech therapist, there are also a clinical psychologist, rehabilitation specialists and a physiotherapist available at the centre. The services of all medical specialists and professionals are provided on the spot, so that patients do not need to register with various specialists and wait in long queues. Cooperation with different specialists is combined with up-to-date knowledge and innovative diagnostic approaches, enabling to be faster and more effective about achieving treatment goals.

167 Riia St., 2nd floor (bus lines no 1 and 18 from the city centre, Raja bus stop)
Tartu 51014

To register for a visit at the Speech and Swallowing Disorders Centre, call the hospital's general registration desk on 731 9100.

To register for a visit, referral by a family doctor or medical specialist is required.


Head of centre: Clinical speech therapist Lagle Lehes 731 8976 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Services provided at the Speech and Swallowing Disorders Centre:

  • consultation by a rehabilitation specialist
  • speech therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • clinical psychologist

For additional information, call us on 731 8976.


For rehabilitation physician visit
731 9100

For sports medicine physician visit
731 9221

For sports traumatologist visit
731 9221
731 9100

For occupational health physician visit

731 9110

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