In July 2013, Sports Traumatology Centre of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic was opened in the University of Tartu Hospital. The foundation of the Centre was prompted by recreational and professional sports quickly gaining popularity in Estonia and a united vision presented by various interest groups.
We are focused on treating orthopaedic issues of people with an active lifestyle, irrespective of their age. Our services include prophylactic counselling, surgical care and active rehabilitation.
Our team includes orthopaedists Aalo Eller, Alo Kullerkann, Madis Rahu and Leho Rips. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund contributes significantly to the operation of the centre.

For a visit, referral by a family doctor or medical specialist is required.

To register, call 731 9221 or 7319 100. Without a referral, the visit fee is €30.
Post-operative and returning patients, call 7319 447.
1a L. Puusepa St. (Maarjamõisa outpatient clinic)
Office 2098
Tartu 50506


For rehabilitation physician visit
731 9100

For sports medicine physician visit
731 9221

For sports traumatologist visit
731 9221
731 9100

For occupational health physician visit

731 9110

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