The second medical opinion system is a paid service provided by specialists of the Tartu University Hospital in order to offer additional medical opinions to patients of other than the Tartu University Hospital on the basis of existing medical documentation and tests performed.

The service gives an opportunity to ask for a second opinion when you or your family member has been diagnosed with cancer.


In order to get the second opinion

1. Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the following information:

  • name and personal identification code of the patient;
  • contact information;
  • question(s) that you would like to have answered;
  • diagnostics of the patient and description of the course of the disease;
  • files on the tests performed and/or treatment given (we suggest uploading the files to cloud based file server, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.);
  • signed contract for provision of health services for a fee

Send paper documents to Vähikeskus, L.Puusepa 8, Tartu, 50406.

In case you are applying on behalf of someone else, submit a power of attorney signed by the patient.

Documents signed in writing can be sent scanned or on paper.

2. Based on the personal data of the patient, an official case for the patient is prepared in the information system of the hospital in order to give a second opinion.
3. A prepayment invoice will be sent by e-mail.
4. After the payment has been received, the specialists of the particular disease profile will make an evidence-based analysis of diagnosis and treatment with recommendations for further steps to be taken, after which the official second medical opinion will be received.



  • The analysis performed and opinion given in the framework of this system are based on the Estonian e-health record and/or the information you have submitted to us. The cost of the service is €290.
  • Clinical data should be translated into Estonian or English language.
  • In some cases, the information submitted may be insufficient for definitive recommendations and additional tests are required.
  • You may always seek regular medical diagnostic and treatment services at the Tartu University Hospital. For more information on booking an appointment with a specialist doctor, click here.