The function of the supervisory board of the Cancer Centre is to agree on and approve a coordinated action plan that corresponds to the objectives of the Cancer Centre.

The members of the supervisory board are representatives of the hospital’s structural units, the Analysis and Marketing Department and the structural Units of the University of Tartu engaged in education and research work related to malignant tumours.


Members of the supervisory board:

  • Aare Märtson
  • Ain Kaare
  • Andres Kotsar
  • Artur Vetkas
  • Helle Karro
  • Jaan Soplepmann
  • Jana Jaal
  • Karin Grišan
  • Kristiina Ojamaa
  • Külli Kingo
  • Liis Salumäe
  • Merle Rokk
  • Peeter Saadla
  • Pilvi Ilves
  • Roomet Ots
  • Tanel Laisaar
  • Tiina Kahre
  • Urmas Lepner


Daily cooperation with other units also takes place outside the supervisory board of the Cancer Centre.