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1Abilleira S., de Sousa DA., Gattringer T., Kobayashi A., Fazekas F., Szikora I., Feigin V., Caso V., Gallofre M., Fischer U., ESO/ESMINT/EAN/SAFE Survey on Stroke Care Collaborators
Autorite grupp:Kõrv J., Vibo R., Malikov V.
Planning of stroke care and urgent prehospital care across Europe: Results of the ESO/ESMINT/EAN/SAFE Survey
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Prognostic Value of P-POSSUM and Osteopenia for Predicting Mortality After Emergency Laparotomy in Geriatric Patients
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Recall by genotype and cascade screening for familial hypercholesterolemia in a population-based biobank from Estonia
Genetics in Medicine: 21 (5), 1173-1180, 2019
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Acute effects of methcathinone and manganese in mice: A dose response study
Heliyon: 5 (9), Artikkel nr e02475, 2019
5Authors/Task Force Members, ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines (CPG), ESC National Cardiac Societies
Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M.
2019 ESC/EAS guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias: Lipid modification to reduce cardiovascular risk
Atherosclerosis: 290, 140-205, 2019
6Bachelot T., Ciruelos E., Schneeweiss A., Puglisi F., Peretz-Yablonski T., Bondarenko I., Paluch-Shimon S., Wardley A., Merot JL., du Toit Y., Easton V., Lindegger N., Miles D., PERUSE investigators
Autorite grupp:Kütner R., Padrik P.
Preliminary safety and efficacy of first-line pertuzumab combined with trastuzumab and taxane therapy for HER2-positive locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer (PERUSE)
Annals of Oncology: 30 (5), 766-773, 2019
7Banach M., Bruckert E., Descamps OS., Ellegard L., Ezhov M., Föger B., Fras Z., Kovanen PT., Latkovskis G., März W., ..., Viigimaa M.
The role of red yeast rice (RYR) supplementation in plasma cholesterol control: A review and expert opinion
Atherosclerosis Supplements: 39, e1-e8, 2019
8Billingsley KJ., Lättekivi F., Planken A., Reimann E., Kurvits L., Kadastik-Eerme L., Kasterpalu KM., Bubb VJ., Quinn JP., Kõks S., Taba P.
Analysis of repetitive element expression in the blood and skin of patients with Parkinson's disease identifies differential expression of satellite elements
Scientific Reports: 9, Artikkel nr 4369, 2019
9Boriani G., Proietti M., Laroche C., Fauchier L., Marin F., Nabauer M., Potpara T., Dan GA., Kalarus Z., Tavazzi L., Maggioni AP., Lip GYH., EORP-AF Long-Term General Registry Investigators
Autorite grupp:Muda P., Vettus R.
Association between antithrombotic treatment and outcomes at 1-year follow-up in patients with atrial fibrillation: the EORP-AF General Long-Term Registry
Europace: 21 (7), 1013-1022, 2019
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Guiding Principles for Chronic Total Occlusion Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Circulation: 140 (5), 420-433, 2019
11Burtness B., Harrington KJ., Greil R., Soulieres D., Tahara M., de Castro G. Jr., Psyrri A., Baste N., Neupane P., Bratland A., ..., KEYNOTE-048 Investigators
Autorite grupp:Jürgens H., Putnik K.
Pembrolizumab alone or with chemotherapy versus cetuximab with chemotherapy for recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (KEYNOTE-048): a randomised, open-label, phase 3 study
The Lancet: 394 (10212), 1915-1928, 2019
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Assessing Amyloid Pathology in Cognitively Normal Subjects Using 18F-Flutemetamol PET: Comparing Visual Reads and Quantitative Methods
Journal of Nuclear Medicine: 60 (4), 541-547, 2019
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Association between night-time surgery and occurrence of intraoperative adverse events and postoperative pulmonary complications
British Journal of Anaesthesia: 122 (3), 361-369, 2019
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Discordant amyloid-β PET and CSF biomarkers and its clinical consequences
Alzheimer's Research & Therapy: 11 (1), Artikkel nr 78, 2019
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Toward clinically applicable biomarkers for asthma: An EAACI position paper
Allergy: 74 (10), 1835-1851, 2019
16Diener HC., Sacco RL., Easton JD., Granger CB., Bernstein RA., Uchiyama S., Kreuzer J., Cronin L., Cotton D., Grauer C., ..., RE-SPECT ESUS Steering Committee and Investigators
Autorite grupp:Kõrv J., Schneider S.
Dabigatran for Prevention of Stroke after Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source
New England Journal of Medicine: 380 (20), 1906-1917, 2019
17Einberg M., Saar S., Seljanko A., Lomp A., Lepner U., Talving P.
Cardiac Injuries at Estonian Major Trauma Facilities: A 23-year Perspective
Scandinavian Journal of Surgery: 108 (2), 159-163, 2019
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Aortic Augmentation Index is Dependent on Bodyside in Healthy Young Subjects
High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention: 26 (5), 375-382, 2019
19Erikson K., Ala-Kokko TI., Koskenkari J., Liisanantti JH., Kamakura R., Herzig KH., Syrjälä H.
Elevated serum S-100β in patients with septic shock is associated with delirium
Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica: 63 (1), 69-73, 2019
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A pragmatic approach to the use of inotropes for the management of acute and advanced heart failure: An expert panel consensus
International Journal of Cardiology: 297, 83-90, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Pokker H.
Darolutamide in Nonmetastatic, Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
New England Journal of Medicine: 380 (13), 1235-1246, 2019
22Frigoli E., Smits P., Vranckx P., Ozaki Y., Tijssen J., Jüni P., Morice MC., Onuma Y., Windecker S., Frenk A., Spaulding C., Chevalier B., Barbato E., Tonino P., Hildick-Smith D., Roffi M., Kornowski R., Schultz C., Lesiak M., Iniguez A., Colombo A., Alasnag M., Mullasari A., James S., Stankovic G., Ong PJL., Rodriguez AE., Mahfoud F., Bartunek J., Moscovitis A., Laanmets P., Leonardi S., Heg D., Sunnaker M., Valgimigli M.
Design and rationale of the Management of High Bleeding Risk Patients Post Bioresorbable Polymer Coated Stent Implantation with an abbreviated versus standard DAPT regimen (MASTER DAPT) study
American Heart Journal: 209, 97-105, 2019
23Galicia M., Dargan PI., Dines AM., Yates C., Heyerdahl F., Hovda KE., Giraudon I., Euro-DEN Plus Research Group, Wood DM., Miro O.
Autorite grupp:Paasma R., Põld K.
Clinical relevance of ethanol coingestion in patients with GHB/GBL intoxication
Toxicology Letters: 314, 37-42, 2019
24Galli E., Planken A., Kadastik-Eerme L., Saarma M., Taba P., Lindholm P.
Increased Serum Levels of Mesencephalic Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Subjects With Parkinson's Disease
Frontiers in Neuroscience: 13, Artikkel nr 929, 2019
25Global Surgical Outcomes (GlobalSurg) Collaboration
Autorite grupp:Talving P.
Pooled analysis of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist use and mortality after emergency laparotomy
British Journal of Surgery: 106 (2), E103-E112, 2019
26GlobalSurg Collaborative, Writing group, Patient representatives, Statistical analysis, Protocol development and project steering, National leads (GlobalSurg-1), National leads (GlobalSurg-2), Local collaborators (GlobalSurg-1), Local collaborators (GlobalSurg-2), Data validators (GlobalSurg-2), Protocol translators (GlobalSurg-2)
Autorite grupp:Talving P.
Global variation in anastomosis and end colostomy formation following left-sided colorectal resection
BJS Open: 3 (3), 403-414, 2019
27Gonzalez-Alvaro I., Castrejon I., Carmona L., ACT-RAY PROAR and EMECAR study groups
Autorite grupp:Pärsik E.
The comparative responsiveness of Hospital Universitario Princesa Index and other composite indices for assessing rheumatoid arthritis activity
PLoS ONE: 14 (4), Artikkel nr e0214717, 2019
28Goodman SG., Aylward PE., Szarek M., Chumburidze V., Bhatt DL., Bittner VA., Diaz R., Edelberg JM., Hanotin C., Harrington RA., ..., Viigimaa M., ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Committees and Investigators
Autorite grupp:Soopõld Ü.
Effects of Alirocumab on Cardiovascular Events After Coronary Bypass Surgery
Journal of the American College of Cardiology: 74 (9), 1177-1186, 2019
29Innos K., Oselin K., Laisaar T., Aareleid T.
Patterns of survival and surgical treatment in lung cancer patients in Estonia by histologic type and stage, 1996-2016
Acta Oncologica: 58 (11), 1549-1556, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
Alirocumab in Patients With Polyvascular Disease and Recent Acute Coronary Syndrome ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Trial
Journal of the American College of Cardiology: 74 (9), 1167-1176, 2019
31Jürgenson J., Serg M., Kampus P., Kals J., Muda P., Zagura M., Viru M., Zilmer M., Eha J., Unt E.
The effect of pre-seasonal strength training on central hemodynamics and cardiac function in elite powerlifting athletes
Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology: 10, 33-41, 2019
32Jürgenson J., Serg M., Kampus P., Kals J., Zagura M., Viru M., Zilmer K., Zilmer M., Eha J., Unt E.
Oxidative Stress Parameters and Its Associations With Arterial Stiffness in Competitive Powerlifting Athletes After 12-Week Supervised Strength Training
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: 33 (7), 1816-1822, 2019
33Kalle S., Tanner R., Luman M., Fridolin I.
Free Pentosidine Assessment Based on Fluorescence Measurements in Spent Dialysate
Blood Purification: 47 (1-3), 85-93, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Elme A., Karjagin J., Sõrmus A., Toim H.
Post-anaesthesia pulmonary complications after use of muscle relaxants (POPULAR): a multicentre, prospective observational study
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: 7 (2), 129-140, 2019
35Kokkonen K., Tasmuth T., Lehto JT., Kautiainen H., Elme A., Jääskeläinen AS., Saarto T.
Cancer Patients' Symptom Burden and Health-related Quality of Life (HRQoL) at Tertiary Cancer Center from 2006 to 2013: A Cross-sectional Study
Anticancer Research: 39 (1), 271-277, 2019
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Ceftolozane-tazobactam versus meropenem for treatment of nosocomial pneumonia (ASPECT-NP): a randomised, controlled, double-blind, phase 3, non-inferiority trial
The Lancet Infectious Diseases: 19 (12), 1299-1311, 2019
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Introducing FDG PET/CT-guided chemoradiotherapy for stage III NSCLC in low- and middle-income countries: preliminary results from the IAEA PERTAIN trial
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging: 46 (11), 2235-2243, 2019
38Kurvits L., Reimann E., Kadastik-Eerme L., Truu L., Kingo K., Erm T., Kõks S., Taba P., Planken A.
Serum Amyloid Alpha Is Downregulated in Peripheral Tissues of Parkinson's Disease Patients
Frontiers in Neuroscience: 13, Artikkel nr 13, 2019
39Laks T., Kirik K., Jõeste E., Lax SF., Liiver A., Šamarin A., Kalinina L., Puusepp M., Särev T.
Heart Osteosarcoma Presenting as Infective Endocarditis: A Case Report of a Patient With a Cardiac Pacemaker and Triple Malignancies
Journal of Medical Cases: 10 (8), 234-240, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Paasma R., Põld K.
Presentations to the emergency department with non-medical use of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs: profiling and relation to sales data
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: 75 (1), 77-85, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Paasma R., Põld K.
Epidemiology, clinical features and management of patients presenting to European emergency departments with acute cocaine toxicity: comparison between powder cocaine and crack cocaine cases
Clinical Toxicology: 57 (8), 718-726, 2019
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Simultaneous common bile duct clearance and laparoscopic cholecystectomy: experience of a one-stage approach
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How to become a breast cancer specialist in 2018: The point of view of the second cohort of the Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer (CCB2)
Breast: 43, 18-21, 2019
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Safety and efficacy of inactivated varicella zoster virus vaccine in immunocompromised patients with malignancies: a two-arm, randomised, double-blind, phase 3 trial
The Lancet Infectious Diseases: 19 (9), 1001-1012, 2019
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Pathological discrepancies in the diagnosis of thymic epithelial tumors: the Tallinn-Lyon experience
Journal of Thoracic Disease: 11 (2), 456-464, 2019
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Administrative database as a source for assessment of systemic lupus erythematosus prevalence: Estonian experience
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Human Peripheral Blood Eosinophils Express High Levels of the Purinergic Receptor P2X4
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Abdominal compartment syndrome: Improving outcomes with a multidisciplinary approach - a narrative review
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Short-Term Therapies for Treatment of Acute and Advanced Heart Failure - Why so Few Drugs Available in Clinical Use, Why Even Fewer in the Pipeline?
Journal of Clinical Medicine: 8 (11), Artikkel nr 1834, 2019
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Comparative analysis of results in laparoscopic radical cystectomy with extracorporeal and intracorporeal neobladder formation
Urologiia: 1, 68-72, 2019
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Hill-Sachs Remplissage Procedure Based on Posterosuperior Capsulomuscular Anatomy
Arthroscopy Techniques: 8 (6), e623-e627, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
Effects of alirocumab on cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes after acute coronary syndrome in patients with or without diabetes: a prespecified analysis of the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES randomised controlled trial
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: 7 (8), 618-628, 2019
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PET and CSF amyloid-β status are differently predicted by patient features: information from discordant cases
Alzheimer's Research & Therapy: 11 (1), Artikkel nr 100, 2019
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Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
Risk Categorization Using New American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guidelines for Cholesterol Management and Its Relation to Alirocumab Treatment Following Acute Coronary Syndromes
Circulation: 140 (19), 1578-1589, 2019
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Psychosocial Factors and Personality Traits and the Prevalence of Arterial Hypertension Among 35- and 55-Year-Old Men and Women in Sweden and Estonia: a SWESTONIA Longitudinal Study
High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention: 26 (6), 475-482, 2019
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Vedolizumab versus Adalimumab for Moderate-to-Severe Ulcerative Colitis
New England Journal of Medicine: 381 (13), 1215-1226, 2019
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World Journal of Emergency Surgery: 14, Artikkel nr 34, 2019
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Overdiagnosis of COPD in Subjects With Unobstructed Spirometry: A BOLD Analysis
Chest: 156 (2), 277-288, 2019
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Oncologist: 24 (4), 491-497, 2019
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Fibular head avulsion fractures accompanying operative treated medial tibial plateau fractures
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Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
Alirocumab Reduces Total Hospitalizations and Increases Days Alive and Out of Hospital in the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Trial
Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes: 12 (11), Artikkel nr e005858, 2019
64Szarek M., White HD., Schwartz GG., Alings M., Bhatt DL., Bittner VA., Chiang CE., Diaz R., Edelberg JM., Goodman SG., ..., ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Committees and Investigators
Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
Alirocumab Reduces Total Nonfatal Cardiovascular and Fatal Events: The ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Trial
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Autorite grupp:Viigimaa M., Soopõld Ü.
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Influence of Microvascular Disease on Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetes
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