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The Cancer Centre of Tartu University Hospital combines the work done in the hospital in the area of diagnostics, treatment, education and research related to tumour diseases into one functional centre. The Cancer Centre of Tartu University Hospital is a member of the OECI and the only internationally accredited clinical cancer centre in Estonia.


The Cancer Centre started operating on 1st of May 2015 and its objective is to guarantee successful treatment of malignant tumours at the top international level and organise diagnostics, treatment, education and research related to malignant tumours in compliance with national and international quality requirements.


All clinics and medical services of the Tartu University Hospital dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of malignant tumours as well as the subdivisions of the University of Tartu engaged in relevant education and research work in the University of Tartu on the basis of the relevant cooperation agreements participate in the activities of the Cancer Centre.



Second medical opinion system of Cancer Centre of University of Tartu Hospital

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