Functioning as a university hospital’s clinic, we provide quality medical services in the following areas:

Outpatient rehabilitation – cardiac rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, paraffin therapy, local mud therapy. Ambulatoorne taastusravi
Sports medicine – medical exams and assessment of physical form for recreational athletes, stress testing for professional and young athletes, sports medicine specialist, orthopaedist, anthropometry, podiatry, consultations, nutritional counselling, sports physiotherapy, isokinetic testing and therapy, foot pressure measurements, sports orthotics, complementary testing and therapy in the entire hospital. Koormsutest veloergomeetril 2
Sports traumatology – treatment of orthopaedic issues, prophylactic counselling, surgical care and active rehabilitation of people with an active lifestyle. Margus Ansu Postimees Scanpix
Inpatient rehabilitation – rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapist, psychotherapy. Statsionaarne taastusravi
Inpatient nursing department – inpatient nursing care, home-nursing services, geriatric assessment and hospice. oendus
Occupational medicine – occupational health services for business clients, direct-pay health check-ups for private clients. Tootervishoid

In addition to therapeutic treatment, the following fields are of great significance for our Clinic:

  • graduate and post-graduate studies and in-service training of doctors and other medical professionals (sports medicine and rehabilitation);
  • research and development (sports medicine and rehabilitation).


For rehabilitation physician visit
731 9100

For sports medicine physician visit
731 9221

For sports traumatologist visit
731 9221
731 9100

For occupational health physician visit

731 9110

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