There are five departments in the clinic: department of maxillo-facial surgery, department of oral and dental diseases, department of oral surgery, department of children’s surgery and department of dental prosthesis.


The number of in-patient visits to the clinic is about 85.500 per year. Medical technicians working in the dental prostheses department provide services for about 3.000 patients every year. New catgam-technology will be soon included. This is a method by which digital impressions are made of patient’s teeth and then scanned into the computers.


In this way the doctors are able to insure the best and most ideally fitting prostheses possible.


About 6.000 patients receive orthodontic treatment every year, half of them are children.


More than 6.000 surgical procedures are performed in the department of oral surgery every year, 4.400 of them are extractions.


Stomatology clinic’s cooperation with maxillo-facial surgeons performing mandibular procedures has been more than fruitful. The number of operations performed on teeth and jaws has climbed to 1.300 per year.


There is a plan in place to purchase a specialized microscope which would help further increase our successes with root canal procedures.

The doctors, in order to assure state of the art standards, actively take part in a myriad of professional development seminars and programs. Because of such commitments, treatment has reached and maintains a very professional, contemporary methodological standard second to none.


The doctors of the clinic are researching caries, pathogenesis of arthritis of temporomandibular joints, treatment and prophylaxis of peritonitis. The specialists are establishing the possible connections between sleep apnea, jaw alignment as well as the genetic causes of misalignment, i.e. overbite caused possibly by prostheses.


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