The Tartu University Ear Clinic is dedicated to giving the best possible ear, nose and throat care, providing hospital and outpatient services; surgical and non-surgical care.  As part of historic Tartu University Hospital, the Ear Clinic can draw upon the resources of this important medical teaching university.  The Ear Clinic is the major ENT facility for the southern part of Estonia.


Tartu University Ear Clinic specialists provide the complete range of ENT patient services.  The Clinic has given special emphasis to the treatment of tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids, acute and chronic ear diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, vertigo, speech problems, and hearing difficulties, including cochlear implants.  Surgical techniques include endoscopic functional techniques and laser surgery.


The Clinic has a co-research arrangement with Tartu University’s extensive human genome project to identify genetic factors in hearing disorders.  This is part of a major effort to provide audiology services to the population, diagnosis hearing disorders and prescribe proper treatment, whether it be an appropriate hearing aid or surgery.


The Clinic’s Sleep Medicine Center offers a full range of sleep medicine diagnostic and treatment services.  Overnight studies are offered for adults and children using polysomnography sleep monitoring equipment.   Daytime sleep studies include sleep latency tests and detailed sleep analysis questionnaires.   The Clinic oversees at home sleep monitoring, including actigraphy (sleep-wake cycles) and oximetry (blood-oxygen levels).  Treatment regimes range from in-home sleep breathing support equipment to surgery.


The Ear Clinic has made a significant commitment to provide preventive and efficient ENT services.  The Clinic has an outreach program to family practitioners to help them identify symptoms that require specialized treatment at the Clinic.  Patient records are securely digitalized for easy access in any location to help doctors quickly review medical histories and aid speedy, accurate diagnoses.


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