Maarjamõisa Medical Campus will receive three new wings

By the end of 2015, three new active treatment wings will be built in the Maarjamõisa Medical Campus of Tartu University Hospital.

A Radiation Therapy Centre equipped with modern technology will be built next to the new treatment complex. The premises of the Haematology-Oncology Clinic, the Internal Medicine Clinic, the Eye Clinic and the Department of Cardiac Surgery will also be consolidated and modernized. In addition, facilities will be provided for an endoscopy centre, pathology service, joint laboratory and hospital pharmacy. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, the new treatment complex will consolidate outpatient specialist care and in-patient care at the relevant specialist clinic.

‘With the construction of three new wings, Estonia’s only university hospital will move a step closer to becoming a modern medical campus, with construction being completed by 2020’, said Minister of Social Affairs Taavi Rõivas.

The Hospital’s direct service area covers approximately 345,000 people, while the extended service area covers 524,000 people.

On 6 June of this year, the European Commission decided to support the construction of the Maarjamõisa Medical Campus with funds from the European Union Regional Development Fund. The total cost of the project is EUR 76,844,909, of which the ERDF’s contribution is EUR 32,436,207 and the hospital’s own contribution is EUR 44,408,702.