Accomplishing the current project shall, among other things, affect positively the use of resources by the hospital.
Personnel-wise, by providing home nursing care and day nursing care services in larger centres, it would lead to the increase of economic efficiency and smaller staff. 

Medical aid and consultations – the building of the nursing care department of Tartu University Hospital is currently located at Riia 167, which is away from the in-patient care complex of the Hospital. However, the new house of the nursing care department on L. Puusepa street would be located directly next to the in-patient care complex, meaning that it would then be much more convenient to send patients to the hospital in-patient care complex to tests or medical specialist reception. 

Rooms – after completing the project, full package of nursing care services would be offered at the building of Puusepa 6: in-patient nursing care, home nursing care and day nursing care. Thus, all preconditions would exist for establishing an integrated nursing care system and ensuring the synergic development of services. Since the adjacent building houses one of the most contemporary in-patient care units in Estonia, quick specialised medical care is also guaranteed to the patients of the nursing care department when needed.  In providing day nursing care services, the effective use of resources is manifested in that the day nursing care centre would be established by a larger department, which employs plenty of competent personnel, so that the day nursing care must additionally employ only 1.5 nurses and 1.5 assistant nurses. All other necessary specialists work in the same building.

The table below explains briefly the locations of Tartu University Hospital departments before and after the project is completed:

Department/clinicLocation before the projectLocation after the project
Nursing care departmentRiia 167L. Puusepa 6
In-patient rehabilitation care departmentRiia 167Riia 167
Internal Medicine Clinic L. Puusepa 6The new building of the Hospital (under construction)