Summary of activities

Activities of the project involve mainly improving the operational environment of the nursing care department – given department shall be relocated to the current Internal Medicine Clinic building at L. Puusepa 6. This reorganisation is necessary, considering the fact that the demand for nursing and care services is constantly increasing in the context of overall population ageing. Thus, Tartu University Hospital considers it necessary, based on various development plans and the demand, to increase the volume and broaden the selection of provided services. 

The Internal Medicine Clinic of Tartu University Hospital is currently located in the building at L. Puusepa 6, which will leave its present place after the second phase of Tartu University Hospital is completed in 2013. Thus, the building at Puusepa 6 remains vacant. Since its size and functionality renders it suitable for providing nursing and care services, it has been decided by the Hospital to move the nursing care department to L. Puusepa street as of 2015.