Results of the project

The main characteristics of the Project are connected to increasing the quality of the Tartu University Hospital facilities as follows:

  • The quality and speed of provision of health care will significantly improve;
  • The availability of medical care will increase: additional modern infrastructure (~30400 m² of net area) will enable to increase the volume and quality of acute care medical services;
  • Concentrate acute treatment into one compact system: outdated building at Vallikraavi 10 will be no longer used for medical services;
  • Increased healthy and/or saved life (time) due to the improved quality of and access to the treatment;
  • The amount of serious complications will decrease as a result of better access to health care and concentration of medical expertise;
  • The concentration of TUH into a single medical campus will results in a decrease in medical transport of patients and personnel;
  • The working conditions for staff will improve;
  • Existence of a high quality and high technology-based core hospital in the region will increase the social security and cohesion of the area.