The soon to be completed Maarjamõisa Medical Campus supports the treatment of cancer patients

Phase II of construction of the extension to Tartu University Hospital was opened, in which the reconstruction and extension of the buildings will primarily help with the treatment of cancer patients.

The Hospital is and will remain the flagship of our healthcare development, as it is the main hospital in Estonia – in cooperation with the University of Tartu – providing and supporting a medical university education’, said Minister of Social Protection Margus Tsahkna, who took part in the opening.

Oncology patients will certainly benefit the most from the opening of Maarjamõisa’s new wing, as a situation has prevailed for many years where the lack of opportunities in the clinic forced patients from Tartu and South Estonia to undergo radiation treatment even in Tallinn. The modern equipment, which has now been in operation in the Clinic for about five years, did not fit in the historic yet poorly functioning building at Vallikraavi, forcing doctors and radiology medical physicists to work in cramped conditions.

Modern radiation treatment rooms, along with an optimal selection of equipment, should now ensure that even better treatment results are achieved in the fight against malignancies by the specialists who are performing this extremely complex and precise work. ‘With the completed wing, we are taking another step towards making it good for medical professionals to study and work in Estonia, and for modern medicine to be available to everyone in Estonia’, Tsahkna added.

According to the Minister of Social Protection, this construction stage will certainly not be the last in the construction of the Maarjamõisa Medical Campus. ‘With the support of the European Union support period, the goal is to build a modern university hospital, which will ensure quality medical care for a large region’, said Tsahkna.