urmas siigurUrmas Siigur was born on Dec 18th 1956 in Tartu. 
In 1981 he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu with a distinction and 1982 completed his internship in surgery. 
Urmas Siigur worked as a surgeon in the Tartu City Oncology Clinic in 1982-84, as a senior laboratory assistant, junior research assistant, research assistant and senior research assistant in the Institute of General and Molecular Pathology in 1982-91 and was the Head of the Laboratory Department of the Maarjamõisa Hospital in 1991-96 and Head of the United Laboratories of the Hospital from 1996 until April 1999. He was a member of Executive Board of Tartu University Hospital from 1999-2002, his administrative area included medical care, training, research and healthcare development. Urmas Siigur is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Tartu University Hospital since Feb 8th 2002.
Urmas Siigur has published more than 40 scientific articles, mainly in microbe ecology. 
Urmas Siigur did his PhD in 1990 in Tartu and in 1997 in Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.




hannes danilovHannes Danilov was born on May 2nd, 1954. 

He graduated Tartu State University Faculty of Chemistry in 1977.

Hannes Danilov is well-experienced in health care management. He has worked as a  Secretary Genaral of Ministry of Social Affairs (1999-2002), Chairman of the Management Board of Estonian Health Insurance Fund (2002-2012).

Hannes Danilov has participated as an expert in EU – China Social Security Reform Cooperation (2009 – 2010) and Estonia – Georgia Health Care Project (2010).

Hannes Danilov has taken part in courses „Leaders in development“  (Harvard J. F. Kennedy School of Government), „Improving the quality of health services“, (Harvard School of Public Health), „Health system strengthening and sustainable financing“ (WHO Flagship Courses), „Effective Health Care Resource Management Programme“ (Riga, Stockholm School of Economics).

Hannes Danilov is awarded with  the Golden Star of Estonian Rescue Service  (1997), the Order of the White Star IV Class (2004) and  the  Cross of Merits’ of Estonian Police (2005).

mart einastoHis responsibilities include staff work, quality control, marketing and PR.

Mr. Einasto was born on 27th July 1969 and grew up in Tallinn. In 1991 he graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology where he did a course in industrial planning. In 1993 he completed his MA in sociology at the University of Tartu. At present Mr. Einasto is doing a PhD course in social policy at the University of Turku, Finland. He has given lectures in the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Academy of Arts and has been involved in the training of healthcare leadership at the People's Health Training Centre (Rahvatervise koolituskeskus). In 1989-94 he was employed by AS EMOR where he started as an analyst and ended up being Deputy Director for Marketing Studies and a member of the Executive Board. Since 1994, after having done his MA, he was invited by Minister of Social Affairs Marju Lauristin to be Head of the Social Policy Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs. In the autumn of 1995, when he was accepted to do his PhD in Turku, he also became the Social Secretary of the Estonian Central TU Association.

His scientific work is aimed at studying stratification and poverty. The object of his MA was to describe the situation. Now he is interested in analysing and assessing the possibility to interfere in the situation and improve it. He has published articles in professional journals.

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