Patient rights and responsibilities

At Tartu University Hospital you have right to

  • receive comprehensive information about your health condition, treatment options and treatment results
  • ask the medical staff questions if something remains unclear
  • participate in the preparation of your treatment plan and to choose the most suitable treatment method from the available ones
  • refuse treatment within the limits permitted by law and receive information about the possible consequences of refusal on your health
  • receive high quality treatment within the limits of the available treatment methods and resources
  • know that, with your consent, residents and students may be involved in your treatment and care, as the hospital is a teaching hospital
  • receive the service at the agreed time and in a safe environment
  • request the opinion of another doctor or the convening of a medical council if you have doubts about the diagnosis, the effectiveness of the treatment or the risks associated with the treatment
  • experience respectful treatment that takes into account your values
  • experience that your personal and medical data are kept confidential
  • make complaints about the health services, make suggestions about the problems that have arisen, and receive feedback
  • contact the regional health insurance office or the Health Board with a complaint about the provision of health services
  • in case of doubt about the quality of care, contact the Expert Committee on the Quality of Medical Care of the Ministry of Social Affairs
  • turn to the Clinical Ethics Committee to resolve ethical issues

For the best treatment result, we wish that you

  • disclose all known information about your health and illness to the medical staff and give your written consent to treatment after you have read the relevant information.
  • are aware of the nature of the health care provided to you, the risks associated with the provision of the service, and you take the doctor’s advice into account
  • cooperate with the medical staff and follow the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor
  • consider the time planned for you and notify early if you cancel the service
  • be patient when treatment or recovery takes longer than expected
  • treat medical staff and fellow patients with respect
  • respect the privacy, safety and comfort of fellow patients
  • keep confidential any personal, private life or health informatin about your fellow patients that has become known to you
  • report any problems to the staff or fill out the suggestions and complaints form
  • follow personal hygiene requirements and the rules of the department
  • familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions for the provision of healthcare services and the processing of personal data on the hospital’s website

*The patient’s rights and responsibilities have been developed based on the “European Charter of Patients’ Rights” and the laws of the Republic of Estonia