Tartu University Hospital
1a L. Puusepa St.
50406 TARTU

Phone +372 731 9401
Fax +372 731 9402



If you come to the scheduled treatment to Tartu University Hospital, it is advisable to take along data about previous medical procedures and ongiong treatment.

You have also to fix the date of your coming by phone of this department where you will go to.

Please take with you:

  • Passport or ID-card;
  • (valid) Health Insurance Card;
  • the data about foregoing medical inquiries and analyses;
  • your personal hygiene facilities;
  • slippers;
  • pyjamas and/or dressing gown (at choice);
  • medications you daily use;

for children: necessary hygiene facilities, food for one day and favorite toy(s) (at choice). 
Please do not take with you big amount of money, jewels e.t.c. If you have for some reason with you jewels, money, documents please give them for hold in strongbox at the elder nurse's office

Phone connection
Your family and friends can reach you by nurse-on-call's phone. The best time for calling is afternoon.

Visiting the patients
The best time to visit the patients is 2 to 7 PM (working days) and 10 AM to 5 PM (days off).
The visitors have to leave their coats to the coatroom.


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