The Dermatology Clinic offers modern dermatovenereal out-patient and stationary treatment to all Estonian residents. The clinic provides successful laser treatment but uses biological medicine as well. A large number of research works are completed here.


The technological stock of the Dermatology Clinic has recently been supplemented with high quality lasers. Since the start of 2007 the clinic has been using two new lasers: the excimer-laser is suitable for treating chronic dermatoses, especially psoriasis; and the diode laser MedArt-470 which can be used to treat vein expansions and pigment disorders. From earlier periods, the clinic has had a Cu-laser for treating chronic dermatoses and a CO2-laser for performing surgical procedures.


The clinic is the only one in Estonia where psoriasis is treated by anaxeryl. The doctors at the clinic were among the first to use new biological medicine in the treatment of difficult forms of psoriasis.


In dermatology, pathohistological diagnostics plays a vital role and for this purpose a dermatologist/pathologist has been trained in the clinic.



  • Introduction of PUVA treatment.
  • In 2006 the clinic's doctors/lecturers published 26 articles, 8 of which were published in CC-collections and two chapters in "Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms under Multifactor Conditions".
  • Scientific areas include the molecular mechanisms of skin and venereal pathogenesis and aspects of epidemiology in Estonia.
    The Estonian Science Foundation is financing "Relation between Interleukin 10 Family Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms and Psoriasis" and "Relation between Interleukin 10 Family Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms and Vitiligo".
  • Every year the research work of the clinic has been awarded with prizes. In 2006 a prize was awarded to doctor/lecturer Külli Kingo. 
  • Under the guidance of Doctor Airi Põder two pharmaceutical studies are also being conducted.


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