Ear Clinic

L. Puusepa 8, Wing C

Register for an out-patient treatment by calling 731 9100 or via the national digital registration system.

At the Ear Clinic, we carry out diagnosing, research, and treatment of various ear, nose, and throat diseases. At the Sleep Centre, we perform sleep and fatigue studies. The Hearing Centre carries out hearing tests and provides treatment.

Emergency Medicine Department
Emergency care for adults and children related to ear, nose, and throat diseases. For emergency reception, enter the building from the door on L. Puusepa 8 Street. During non-working hours, ring the doorbell to enter the building. You can park for free for 90 minutes at the Ear Clinic.

Registration numbers for the Ear Clinic

731 9790 Registration and cancellation of procedures (Mon–Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
731 9785 or 731 9796 Ear surgery nurse counselling, recurring appointments
731 9793 Registration for a nurse appointment at the Sleep Centre
731 9478 or 731 9476 Registration for a hearing nurse appointment (hearing aids and related services)
731 9479 Rehabilitation service
731 9470 or 731 9795 Balance studies  
731 8118 Administrator
  • Secretary  |  Katrin Korbun  |  731 9478  |  katrin.korbun@kliinikum.ee

  • 731 9790 Registration and cancellation of procedures (Mon–Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    731 9783 Nurse on duty; information about a close one at the hospital
    731 9782 Doctor on duty

    Secretary   |   Marge Haav  |   731 9796   | marge.haav@kliinikum.ee
    Head Nurse| Piret Vider | 731 9012 | piret.vider@kliinikum.ee 
    Head Nurse| Triin Kaup | 731 9012 | triin.kaup@kliinikum.ee

Hospitalisation/coming to a surgery

A referral from a family physician or medical specialist is required for scheduled/emergency treatment.
Contact the administrator for hospitalisation. They will refer you.
When coming to the hospital, please do not bring large sums of money or valuables.

Each ward has a telephone, a nurse calling system, a personal locker, a toilet, and a shower. The clinic is a non-smoking hospital and therefore, smoking is prohibited in the clinic’s premises and within 30 meters of the clinic’s territory.

Mihkel Plaas
Head of the Clinic
Phone: 731 9782

Marika Tamm
Chief Nurse
Phone: 731 9771 or 5331 9771

Aime Halgma
Phone: 731 9772