The Radiology Clinic deals with the entire spectrum of modern diagnostic radiology (X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRT, isotope diagnostics and PET). A new aspect has been added recently - teleradiological consultations and describing of the radiological studies outside of the hospital. The clinic employs 36 doctors, 59 nurses, 20 carers and a secretary - altogether 116 people. More than 250,000 procedures and studies are performed here each year at more than 220 million Estonian kroons.



  • Neuro-functional and cardiac studies in magnetic tomography
  • PET bus - the beginning of modern studies in Tartu
  • Introduction and promotion of RFA
  • Turning computer angiographies into common procedures
  • Constant increase in the number of studies: 6.3% per year on average


Plans for the coming years

  • Perfusion studies to be performed both in MRT and CT
  • The number of RFA procedures as well as virtual endoscopies to be increased
  • Teleradiological activities to be expanded
  • Learning capacity in radiology to increase for both undergraduate and postgraduate students


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