The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic provides diagnostics and treatment services of the highest rank. People suffering from heart and nervous system diseases, trauma and other illnesses can get help from the clinic's rehabilitation centres. As the leading sports medicine centre in Estonia the clinic helps our national teams achieve the world's best results.


There are 4 departments in the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic:


The out-patient rehabilitation department has a recently renovated pool complex, water treatment and physiotherapy rooms where the patients are provided with contemporary rehabilitation treatment services. The complex treatment of people with heart diseases has gained international recognition.


The in-patient rehabilitation department is for people with nervous system disorders and patients suffering from orthopaedic diseases or trauma. In addition to specialised rehabilitation doctors, the department employs physiotherapists, a speech therapist, a clinical psychologist and nurses/personal care workers who implement the treatment methods as a team.


The sports medicine centre
In what is the leading sports medicine centre in Estonia, several health tests are conducted in order to evaluate physical abilities, and sports-related health disorders and trauma are diagnosed. The centre uses high-tech equipment to assess cardiopulmonary functional reserve as well as physical abilities in detail and also for supportive kinaesthetic system studies in the country.
As one of the most innovative sports medicine services in Estonia, doctors can determine people's physical ability by telemetry under the usual conditions of various sports (skiing, running, rowing, etc) by physical exertion tests.


The aim of the nursing department is to develop and maintain the healthy and functional condition of patients needing long-term treatment. The nursing department is also a treatment and training centre which operates on the principle of nursing science.

The department also provides a home-nursing service.


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