The Blood Centre produces a variety of blood preparations from donor blood and conducts haematological examinations for donors and patients as well as blood compatibility tests. The 24-hour centre provides blood preparations for Tartu University Hospital and all of the other hospitals of southern Estonia.


The high level of the Blood Centre can be seen in its ability to prepare erythrocyte suspensions from donor blood, fresh frozen plasma, thrombus concentrates and blood components. If needed, erythrocyte suspensions can also be washed, filtered and irradiated at the Blood centre. In addition, the thrombus concentrates are also filtered and irradiated here.


The centre performs immune haematological tests for donors and patients.

For patients AB0 and RhD system antigens are determined and screenings of antigens are performed. In the event of positive screening, the Blood Centre also typifies the antigens.


The Blood Centre performs blood compatibility tests and is able to deliver blood preparations 24 hours a day.



  • testing of donor blood for HIV and HCV infection indicators by PCR method has been initiated
  • in cooperation with Estonian Red Cross Organisation badges have been made for first time donors (Drop of Blood), and for those donating for the 25th, 50th and 75th times.


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