The Catering Service of the hospital delivers ca 1000 meals to ca 1000 patients three times a day. Both the food in the hospital as well as the patients' nutrition counselling are very important because hospital food is also a part of treatment.


The food, menus and kitchen equipment of the hospital meet the demands of best practice in healthy diets and the principles of catering as a part of treatment.


70% of patients receive ordinary food and 30% light diet food. The correct hospital food should guarantee the energy and nutrients necessary for balance in the body. In the case of special diets, the need for nutrients is determined in accordance with the peculiarities of treatment.
According to a questionnaire, 98% of patients/respondents were satisfied with both the ordinary and diet foods.
The aim of the service lies in offering patients and staff members healthy and varied food and giving nutritional advice based on scientific research.



  • Development of a uniform diet system which considers the needs of treatment catering and corresponds to the nutritional habits of patients. In the development of diet systems the experience of the clinical treatment catering department of Kuopio University and the Meilahti Hospital of Helsinki University were also taken into account.
  • Training and counselling of patients in renal school and during renal, cardiac and osteoporosis days.


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