Teaching, scientific research and patient care are equally important at our clinic.

Our doctors have published 45 articles in international medical journals over the past 5 years. Our current research is based on in childhood strokes, asthma and juvenile idiopathic arthritis.


Pediatrics is becoming more and more popular, our clinic has gained the reputation as the most student – friendly clinic!


Our clinic greatly respects and appreciates the profession of nursing. Good communication skills with our very young patients as well as with their parents are of the utmost importance. Specific training program for our pediatric nurses was started in co-operation with Swedish colleagues in 2006. This program focuses especially on the care and treatment of pre-term babies.


International co-operation reflects our clinic’s well earned stellar reputation.

Prof Walter Boas, the Chief of the Amsterdam’s EEG Centre. The noted Finnish epilepsy specialist, prof Marja-Liisa Granström and Helen Cross from London’s Hammersmith Hospital have all visited the clinic numerous times.


Dr Anneli Kolk (neuropsychology), Dr Kaja Julge (allergology), Dr Tiina Stelmach (rehabilitation therapy), Dr Heili Varendi (neonatology) are all innovators within their specialties.

Numerous friends and supporters have helped renovate our premises during the past few years. As with everywhere else, fund rising has become a principal part of everyday clinic life. Our doctors along with the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation have introduced several issues that have garnered generous support from the community.


Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation was founded in 2001 and the foundation has supported the clinic with over 10 million kroons (650 000 EUR) up to the present day.


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