ennu sepp 2018Ennu Sepp was born on Nov 13th 1938. He graduated Tartu University Faculty of Medicine in 1964. Ennu Sepp worked as a lecturer at Tartu University Medical Faculty and became a professor in 1976. He defended his dissertation in 1967 and doctoral theses in 1972. Professor Ennu Sepp has worked as a wice dean of the Medical Faculty of Tartu University for 12 years.

In 1983, he was awarded the National Science Award of the Estonian SSR as a member of the team.

Professor Ennu Sepp is a member of Estonian Surgeons Association, French Flebology Society and German Surgeons Society. H ehas published 217 publications, mostly on vascular reconstructive surgery, surgical gastroenterology, orthopedics and urology.

Ennu Sepp is married and has three adult children.





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