The Hematology – Oncology Clinic deals with high-level out-patient and in-patient care in the areas of hematology and oncology and is the Tartu University Faculty of medicine’s centre for study and research in these given areas.

The clinic is the centre for diagnosis and treatment of hematological and oncological diseases, as well as for study and research in Estonia. It’s mission is to offer high quality, effective and patient-friendly diagnosis and treatment to patients suffering from hematological and oncological diseases, thereby developing the Estonian public’s and physician’s knowledge of these diseases including essence, means of prevention, diagnose and treatment.

The department of hematology and bone marrow transplantation is a place where patients with hematological diseases get up-to-date medical treatment. Professor Hele Everaus performed the first bone marrow transplant not just in Estonia but in the Baltic States in 1993. Since then the transplant program has grown and prospered. The treatment of all hematological diseases has improved a lot, reaching world levels in terms of content and effectiveness.

More than 3500 operations are performed in the department of surgical oncology each year. The clinic has practiced radiotherapy since 1950s. Since 1996 the clinic has partaken in international clinical chemotherapy studies and has begun using practically all the drugs available world-wide. About 11,000 radiotherapy sessions and about 4,500 chemotherapy sessions are done in the department of radiotherapy and oncological therapy every year.




The clinic has implemented a quality control system in a fruitful cooperation with Nebraska University’s Medical Centre.

Bone marrow transplant has been implemented into every day practice.

A number of international clinical chemotherapy studies are going on in the clinic currently.

The clinic insists upon research and development activities by the doctors. About 10 publications are published in internationally recognized science magazines every year.



  • Developing complex treatment of cancers
  • Developing the quality system in all the clinic’s specialties
  • Opening the unit for patients with hereditary cancer
  • Establishment of the centre of palliative treatment


Developers of profession

  • Professor Hele Everaus’ research is based on hematological diseases, bone marrow cancers, lymphomas, problems associated with hereditary cancers. She is currently involved in research on bone marrow transplants and immunotherapy. She is the President of Estonian Society of Tissue and Organ Transplants and the Head of Estonian Society of Hematologists. She is the member of European Bone Marrow Association’ Accreditation Committee, America’s Hematologists’ Association and America’s Bone Marrow Transplants Association.
  • Dr Peeter Padrik is the director of the clinic. He is appreciated as one of Estonia’s leading oncologists. He is the Head of Estonian Oncotherapy Union, member of board of Estonian Society of Oncologists, member of European Society of Medical Oncology and American Society of Clinical Oncology. His research is based on treatment of breast, kidney and rectal cancer.
  • The clinic has fruitful cooperation with a number of international cancer centers as well as with their leaders. Prof Tapani Ruutu (University of Helsinki) and Prof Stephen Proctor (Newcastle upon Tyne University) have been elected Tartu University’s honorary doctors.


Leading specialists

Department of hematology and bone marrow transplantation

Ain Kaare – head of the department

Marju Hein – senior teaching physician


Department of surgical oncology

Olav Tammik - head of the department

Jaan Soplepmann - senior teaching physician

Inga Vaasna - senior teaching physician, oncogynaecologist


Department of radiotherapy and oncological therapy

Maie Marjamägi - head of the department

Jana Jaal - senior teaching physician

Krista Leppik - senior teaching physician


Alar Aints – senior research worker. His research are based on clinical immunology and immunotherapy


Prof Karl Kull’s contribution to the clinic’s development is considerable. Prof Kull is still active as doctor-consultant.


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