The Pharmacy Administration at Tartu University Hospital is responsible for daily dispensing of medicines and medical devices for the inpatient population and stocking of a large range of medications. The Department consists of pharmacists, as well as technical and support personnel, who in cooperation with physicians apply their knowledge in order to improve the treatment quality of patients.


The Pharmacy places a priority on teaching and provides pharmacy training opportunities for pharmacy students.


The Pharmacy carries out procurements of pharmaceuticals and pharmacy products, participates in the activities of the Hospital's Drug and Therapeutics Committee and conducts pharmaceutical research. Recent developments are handling of the clinical trial medicines in the pharmacy and establishing a service of compounding of the sterile products for inpatients by trained pharmacy technicians.


The Pharmacy is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious, and cost-effective use of medications.


The future plans for the pharmacy include:

  • Pharmacists being an integral member of the healthcare team responsible for the outcomes associated with the medication use process.
  • Providing the central cytostatics compounding service


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