The United Laboratories is the biggest provider of laboratory diagnostics in Estonia. Its services are used by most local medical institutions. More than 700 different analyses are performed in the laboratory, from simple blood tests to complex genetic analyses.


The United Laboratories constantly contributes to quality. Participation in 11 different international external quality control systems enables the centre to cover 70% of its analyses through external control. For the remainder, there is strictly documented internal control.


In 2005 some of the studies of the United Laboratories Department of Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay and Microbiology were accredited according to the requirements of ISO 15189:2003. Since then, the accreditation area has expanded to the Department of Mycobacteriology, Clinical Chemistry and PCR studies of viruses.


According to its abilities at any given time, the laboratory takes part in research work. In 2008, 17 scientific articles by staff from the centre were published, 16 in pre-reviewed scientific magazines.


The United Laboratories has constantly contributed to equipment and technology. In June 2006 the laboratory became the first in Estonia to switch to virus studies of donor blood by the PCR method. For the first time in the world, Radiometer - the biggest supplier of blood gas analysers - was able to start ordering blood gas analyses automatically by notepad computer in Tartu with the help of specialists from the hospital.



  • Development and implementation of e-Laboratory - Implementation of blood gas analysis automatic ordering system in intensive care departments
  • Accreditation of laboratory
  • Publishing of third edition of laboratory reference book


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