Tartu University Hospital's mission is to ensure the continuity and development of Estonian medicine through high-level integrated medical treatment, training and research.

In brief, the Hospital is the flagship of Estonian medicine.



The goal of the Hospital is to provide high-quality medical care for patients and training facilities for University students and medical staff and to develop medical science in co-operation with the University.

In order to achieve its goal, the Hospital:

  • Provides inpatient and outpatient medical care and related services for all Estonian citizens, residents and visitors to the country on terms and conditions and to the extent specified in appropriate laws and contracts;
  • provides other healthcare-related services under contracts signed by it;
  • ensures the high quality of health services and if necessary conducts appropriate examinations;
  • works out, develops and tries new diagnostic and treatment methods and tries new medications;
  • co-operates with other Estonian institutions involved in healthcare, professional unions of health and social workers and other voluntary associations and international organisations operating in the same area;
  • allows Tartu University to use its premises for training and scientific purposes on the basis of a contract between the University and the Hospital, gives the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine a chance to work in the Hospital as practising doctors and develops co-operation with the health institutions of other countries' universities;
  • Conducts healthcare research and methodical work;
  • Ensures compliance with health protection, labour healthcare and labour safety conditions necessary to provide health services;
  • Develops technical facilities and infrastructure necessary for its work and ensures their proper functioning;
  • Acts as an employer for its staff;
  • Keeps accounting and statistics;
  • Provides possibilities for the self-realisation of the staff in their profession, art, culture and sport, thereby increasing their efficiency.


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