Transplantation Centre of Tartu University Hospital was founded in January 2011.

The main task of the Centre is to coordinate all donation and transplantation linked activities in the Hospital as well as in Estonia.

Tartu University Hospital is the only hospital in Estonia, where organ transplantations are performed. First kidney transplantation took place in 1968; liver transplantations started in 1999, lung transplantations in 2010 and pancreas transplantations in 2015. 


Heart transplantations are available for Estonian patients in Helsinki University Hospital, due to cross-border twinning agreement. 


Since May 2017 our hospital has accepted as an associated member of Scandiatransplant.


First autologous bone marrow transplantation was performed in Tartu University Hospital in 1993 and allogenic, using the sibling donor, in 1995. Since 2005 we also transplant allogenic stem cells from unrelated donors. For these patients the searching for suitable donor has been performed in collaboration with the Finnish Bone Marrow Donor Registry. We are the only hospital in Estonia, where allogenic transplantations are performed.


Transplantation Centre is also responsible for transplantations of cornea, amniotic membrane, vascular and musculoskeletal allografts and also coordinates in vitro fertilisation processes. 

Source document for legal issues is Procurement, Handling and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs Act (passed in 29.01.2015, entered into force 01.03.2015) – available in English here.


Responsible physicians of different transplantation areas:

Dr Aleksander Lõhmus (kidneys), Dr Toomas Väli (liver), Dr Tanel Laisaar (lungs), Dr Arno Ruusalepp (heart), Dr Marko Murruste (pancreas), Dr Ain Kaare (bone marrow), Dr Riina Pulges (corneas, amniotic membrane), Dr Katre Maasalu (musculoskeletal tissues), Dr Toomas Ellervee (vascular tissue), Dr Aivar Ehrenberg (in vitro fertilisation). The work at the Transplantation Centre is co-ordinated by director Dr Virge Pall.


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