kliinikumilogo In 1993 the hospitals in Tartu were merged to form Tartu University Hospital. The Centre of Medical Information was founded as a part of it. The purpose of the Centre is to provide the newest medical information to Estonian medical staff, through utilizing the most contemporary resources.

The main activities of Centre of Medical Information are collecting and depositing medical scientific information as well as to provide it to the medical staff. We also organize trainings in the field of operating the databases and computer programs.

The Centre of Medical Information investigates the satisfaction of its users, and compiles bibliometric and scientometric analyses.

We also make paper copies, CDs, scan pictures and help our customers with their PowerPoint presentations and answer to their information requests.


Most customers of the Centre of Medical Information are physicians, teaching staff, medical students and information specialists from other libraries all over Estonia.

The employees of Tartu University Hospital and medical students of the University of Tartu can use 13 computers at the Centre of Medical Information.


We develop relationships with other institutions in the field of medical information in Estonia and abroad. In collaboration with the University of Tartu Library we provide medical journals, textbooks and databases to the medical staff of Estonia.

  • Since 1994 Centre of Medical Information is a member of the EAHIL (European Association for Health Information Libraries). In 1999 the EAHIL International workshop "Towards quality in medical information services - virtue of virtual environment“ was organized in Tartu.
  • The Centre of Medical Information also belongs to one of the oldest associations of specialized libraries, the MLA (Medical Libraries Association).